Sunday, May 13, 2012

Starting off...

A couple weeks ago I set out on the adventure of picking out a "Thank You" card for my parents. They had sent us a very unexpected Easter present, and I wanted a special card to really show them our appreciation for their generosity.  I've always been the creative type, but never had the time to actually sit down and do a project from start to finish.  So that day I decided to make my own card.

A trip to Barnes & Noble, led to a phone call to a coworker asking the question, "how much are those Cricut cutters?" I had found a magazine that was all about the Cricut die cutter and saw some wonderful cards and scrapbook layouts that really inspired me. Well, first she laughed at me, then she told me they were fairly pricey.  I explained what I wanted to accomplish, and within 30 minutes, I was at A. C. Moore, Cricut Expressions 2 in hand, and sifting through the paper aisle trying to find the right colors for my card.  And yes, I still had my friend on the phone walking me through my buyers remorse before I even paid the sale price of $249.99.  Her reassurance got me throughout the checkout process and into my car.  I assured myself that they had a 60 return policy and if I just can't get into it, I can always return it.

The result of this anxiety resulted in my first creation.

The front
The inside note

After several hours of tweaking, and constant "yes honey, it looks fine" from my supportive husband I mailed my first card. My mom loved it, and I decided that I will not be using the store's return policy. My little Cricut was here to stay! Next post to come... Mother's Day!


  1. Very cute card. Congrats on your purchase. You will not regret!

    1. Thanks Tatiana! I have been enjoying my Cricut more than I ever expected!