Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Graduation Card & Starting a business

I have offered my services out to my friends, and to be honest, I am very honored by their response to my new found fun.  I have a couple orders, but here is what I came up with for a friend's niece's graduation card.

I think that my skills with flowers are becoming more and more refined. Next on the list, destressing.  I hope that is the right word. I find that a lot of what I see on the web that I like has that "natural" look to the flowers. Upon research, people purposely ruin the edges to get the result. We'll have to see if this is for me. I'm not sure how I feel about not having a clean line on a finished product. But I guess a little change is good for everyone right??

In addition to making a card or two this week, I have actually made this whole thing into an official business. As you may and or may not know, I have an easy shop where I have put up a few of my creations so that maybe, someone out there, may want to purchase.

After much debating, deliberation, you name the 'd' word and it was done, I decided to take my little adventure in crafting to the next level. The only person I know with any sort of knowledge on the matter is my older brother, who is an accountant. No, he is not the boring pencil pusher, even though I think he might be at work, he is a fun energetic guy.

My first concern was taxes. Hence the email to my brother. He gave me a few suggestions and onto the State Treasury Department's website I went. Step 1, register the trade name. I will honestly tell you, that in Maryland they have old buildings. And in old buildings I guess they never need air conditioning? Maybe? So poor Mike (my husband) sat in the Dept. of Taxation with me for an hour with it being 90 degrees out and just a fan or two in the office for circulation. I will tell you, that man didn't complain once! I kind of get the feeling he is as excited as I am about this.  So once I got my official name registered and paid my $75 (this included the same day $50 expedited fee) we were directed to the taxation office so that I could get a tax ID# for sales tax. The office was on a different floor, which was much cooler, but with 15 people in front of me and it still being 85 degrees in the room, I opted for the online version of this step.

Within 24 hours I had a trade name, my tax and business license processed, and just for my impatience, our own AC unit went down when we got home. I guess that's what one would call karma.  Needless to say, I am officially a business owner. Wahoo!


  1. Hello!

    I found you on the Lets Get High On Sales team. Since you are a lovely crafter, I would be oh, so happy if you joined us at Tuesday Alchemy!

    By participating, you could win a prize along with getting yourself out into the world of crafting :)


  2. Thanks Corrinne! I will check it out!